Protester Explains Why She 'TWERKED' At Black Lives Matter Protest!


A Los Angeles protester at this weekend's Black Lives Matter rally was caught on video "twerking" at police officers. The woman was hoping to make a change by dancing sexually in front of the mostly male officers.

And many on social media are upset with her form of "protest." Here's the video of the woman twerking:

According to many affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement, the woman who goes by the name PhyVe-‘Nellie was making a mockery of the protest.

Some are even accusing the woman of trying to clout chase during an important time.

PhyVe-‘Nellie received hundreds of angry comments on her Instagram page, and eventually, she made a video explaining why she chose the "twerk" form of protesting. Listen:

PhyVe-‘Nellie is a model from Los Angeles, and she has an adventurous personal life. On one image on her IG page, she's seen tied up and being whipped by a Latino man.