The concert promoter who alleges that rapper Dababy assaulted him earlier this month, has issued a threat to the "Suge" rapper - settle or I'm dragging you to court!

Kenneth Carey, claims he suffered facial injuries and was robbed by DaBaby in Miami on January 2 when he paid him $20k to host a party later in the evening. It is reported that Dababy was supposed to be paid $30k, but Carey did not show up with all of his money - and Dababy and/or his team allegedly became violent with him.

Carey is giving the rapper a week to settle, or they will be hashing it all out before a judge.

After police arrested the rapper in Miami, they found a warrant for his arrest from Texas, also on a battery charge. This was later withdrawn, and the artist was bailed out from jail.

Dababy has not publicly responded to Carey's demands. We'd like to know whether Carey has paid the rapper the rest of his coins as yet?