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Rapper DaBaby is being sued by a Miami concert promoter for a reported $6 million after the promoter claims that he was beaten up and robbed by the rapper and his crew approximately one month ago.

According to reports, Kenneth Carey agreed to pay DaBaby $30K to perform at a Miami show. After DaBaby's performance, and after Carey made payment to him, DaBaby realized that the money was $10,000 short and demanded that Carey make full payment and give him the 10K he was owed. Carey did not hand over the cash, and the situation allegedly escalated... quickly!

Now Carey is changing his story and claiming that he only agreed to pay DaBaby $20K as well as provide him with accommodation and transportation. He also alleges that one of the rental cars he provided the star came back damaged.

DaBaby was arrested following the alleged assault and charged for battery before he bonded himself out on $1,500 bail.

TMZ reports that Carey is suing the rapper for battery, defamation, breach of contract, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.