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Prominent ATLANTA Church Is BOYCOTTING Beyonce . . . Because She Said That She Wanted To USE THE BIBLE . . . As a MAXI PAD!!! (Did Bey Go OVERBOARD . . . With That LYRIC)

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beyonce_blacklivesmatter learned that a number of PROMINENT Atlanta mega-churches are expecting to make an announcement this week - to BOYCOTT BEYONCE.

The boycott is over ONE SPECIFIC LYRIC in Beyonce's megahit "Lemonade." Beyonce recites the following lyrics during one of her interludes:

I plugged my menses with pages of the holy book and still coiled deep inside me was the need to know — are you cheating on me?

Many in the Christian faith believe that Beyonce is committing BLASPHEMY, and are preparing a boycott of the Queen.

Of course we can't wait to see what the beehive does in reaction to this.