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Southern producer Southside is proud of all six of his children and hopped on Instagram to show off his offspring.

"Keep worrying about ur home boys and what I G THINK IMA MAN I ONLY CARE WHAT THEESE [sic] 6 think this my whole life in one picture I love u all to infinity," he captioned the post.

The producer recently welcomed a daughter with City Girls rapper, Yung Miami, who is featured on the bottom corner. Yung Miami and the 808 Mafia producer named the baby Summer Miami.

Back in 2015, the rapper credited becoming a father for saving his life:

"Fatherhood saved my life. I'd probably be dead or overdosed on drugs. A lot of shit I can't do because of my kids, sh*t I shouldn't do. I've always been with my kids. It's never been like my mom's raising them. I'm in my kids' life. I talk to them everyday when I'm gone," he told Complex at the time.

"My son has a cell phone and my daughter. They both have iPhone 6s and FaceTime me. "Dad, what you doing?" "Making beats." "Who are you making beats for?" "So and so, so and so." I always make time for my kids, like always. I just had a new son too, his name is Legend. He's three months old."