Music producer Mark Ronson has officially come out as "sapiosexual."

"You are identifying as a man who likes intellect?" was asked by Good Morning Britain host Kate Harraway.

"Yeah, I didn't know that there was a word for it. We were all arguing backstage in the dressing room with a couple of your producers. And yes, I feel like I identify as sapiosexual," he replied.

During the show, author Nichi Hodgson defined what the term means:

"The definition means intelligence first then attraction," she explained. "I date men and women and identify as bisexual, and I realized the thing that linked all people that I have dated has been their brains."

"We know a certain percentage of the population is sapiosexual," she added. "It's always existed, we just didn't have a word for it."

Ronson is best known for his collaborations with artists such as Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, Adele, Estelle, Nas, Wale, Solange Knowles, Rhymefest, Ghostface Killah, and Bruno Mars.