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Pritchard, Alabama Mayor Goes GHETTO; Calls Opponent A 'F**K N**GA'! (Video)

Reginald Davis is currently the front-runner in the election to become mayor of Pritchard, Alabama. The most recent polls place Reginald ahead of the current mayor, Jimmie Gardner. But MTO News obtained some shocking footage of Reginald that may help, or may HURT his campaign.

Reginald was on Twitter yesterday, acting real ghetto and using profane language. At one point, he called his opponent a "f**k n**ga."

Here is the video of Reginald criticizing the mayor - calling him a "hoe", and other disparaging names. And at one point he appears to threaten to "slap" his political opponent.

You have to see it to believe it:


Reginald was born in Mobile, Alabama and is a longtime resident of Prichard. Davis served honorably in the armed forces and has spent several years as a small business owner. Mr. Davis holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Wayland Baptist University, and a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Troy University. Davis is also certified with the Federal Contract Management Essential & Federal Contract Management Specialization.

Prichard is a city of about 22,000 people - most of whom are Black (85% according to the latest census). The city, which resides in Mobile County, has had a long history of racial segregation and discrimination.

Here is the current mayor, who is losing in the polls. The one that's being called a "hoe" and a 'f**k n***a'