PRISON PICS Of Rapper DMX Leak . .  And He Looks OLD, FLABBY & SICK!!

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Rapper DMX is currently in prison for tax evasion - and new pics of the rapper leaked last night. And DMX looked a lot different in the images. The normally slender rapper had a giant POT BELLY and his hair is almost COMPLETELY grey.

As one commentator put it - DMX looks "OLD, Flabby, & Sick." The majority of fans seemed to share a similar sentiment. People were even making MeMe's of the legendary rapper - making fun of the way he looks.

But calling DMX old and flabby may be overly harsh. You see, DMX has struggled with cocaine and crack addiction for years. So the fact that he gained weight, suggests that he may finally be winning his battle with addiction.

And as for him being "old". Well it's better than the alternative . . .

Federal Judge Jed Rakoff took requests back in March, accommodating DMX's desire to hear his hit "Slippin'" before DMX faced the music over his admission of guilt. The judge called DMX's fraud a "brazen and blatant" crime that could not go unpunished.

The 47-year-old rapper, known to law enforcement and the courts as Earl Simmons, has been incarcerated since his bail was revoked in January. He sobbed during the proceeding as his lawyer, Murray Richman, recalled his nightmarish childhood.

Richman said DMX has been a model prisoner. Still, prosecutors sought five years in prison for him, citing a lengthy rap sheet and drugs.

Richman wanted him free to support his 15 children and pay back more than $2 million in taxes.