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Rapper Princess Nokia sat down for an interview for Playboy's Equality Issue, where she opened up about being gender non-conforming.

"Every day, I feel different. Every day it's either masc or femme or in between," Princess Nokia told Playboy. "I'm a gender non-conforming androgynous person."

She continued, "Some people are like, 'What happened to your tomboy phase?'" Adding that, "It's so much easier to understand artistic men. But women—especially brown women—we think they have psychological issues.

"I love being proud of how studly I am, how boyish, and how manly I can appear. I love being androgynous. I feel beautiful like that. It's just another beautiful side of me."

Nokia adds that despite being called many harsh names and labels during her time in the spotlight, her focus is on the music.

"I make great art, and I make art that inspires others. That's all that matters. The other stuff that comes after, that's up to God, you know?" she said. "When the world needs reminding of my greatness, I'm there to remind them, but I'm not here to whine. I continue."