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The drama between Princesses Kate and Meghan is about to hit epic proportions.

The UK press is reporting that Harry and Meghan were NOT INVITED to Kate’s intimate birthday party last weekend.

Kate celebrated her 37th birthday with a Sunday lunch last week - with William and close friends at Anmer Hall, their Norfolk country home near Sandringham.

The British press has been reporting on Kate and Meghan's frosty relationship for months. According to the UK press, Kate is JEALOUS of Meghan - who is prettier and more popular with the people.

And while Meghan is doing her best to ingratiate herself with her sister in law - its not working.

Last month Kate reportedly forced Meghan and Harry to move OUT of Windsor castle, where she and husband Williams live with the Queen.

Hopefully Harry and his brother William can do something to end this feud.

The revelation that Meghan and Harry were not in attendance comes it emerged the Duchess of Sussex's female bodyguard has quit after less than a year.

The cop, who has never been named for security reasons, is her third close aide to leave in a little over two months.

She had replaced Sgt Bill Renshaw, Harry’s long-standing head of security, who retired after more than 30 years in the force.

But she has now quit after being in the job for only about six months, according to The Sunday Times.