The marital drama between Love & Hip Hop stars Ray J and Princess Love continues.

The couple began fighting on Instagram - and now Princess is putting ALL their business out in the street!

First, Princess claimed on social media that Ray J "abandoned" her and their daughter, while the family was in Las Vegas. Now Princess, who is 8 months pregnant, is explaining to their fans WHY her reality star hubby left her and their child.

She said recently that Ray J left his family overnight so he could "party with strippers and escorts."


Here's Princess, who is expecting to give birth in the next few weeks:

Princess seems to be getting a lot of support from fans on her page however:

Prayers to you and your. Peace and blessings and love and light. Sending positive energy to you a d your family

You have every right to vent and tell the truth of the situation. Too many times are we as women pressured into staying silent which only benefits the man that victimized us. Speak up and speak loud. Love you mama!

love you! You are strong! We are tired of these married men not acting right. Judge if you want too!!! say married people need to keep their business to their selves, but these young girls need to know. Shyt is hard, heart breaking and mentally draining. 😩😩

But not everyone is Team Princess. Some believe that social media is not the platform for the airing of dirty laundry - especially your family's dirty laundry. Here are some not so supportive comments on her page:

Vent to your friends not to us honey

We feel u. Seriously. But don’t let social media be your outlet. Pray and vent to God.

Social media is not the place for marriage disputes unless you're ready for a divorce!!!