Princess Love has live-streamed her marital problems with Ray J and what led up to her being stranded by him in Las Vegas, despite being 8 months pregnant. 

According to Princess, two weeks ago she caught her husband, Ray J, with another cell phone. After finding the phone, she confronted him because it was clear to her that he had been communicating with other women and "entertaining" them. 

She said during the confrontation he initially tried to lie about it but eventually confessed and said he did it because they had been arguing a lot. Princess says, though, that after his confession they agreed to try again within their marriage and make things work. Then she agreed to attend the SoulTrain Awards with him in Vegas, despite her reservations.  

After being there for two days, however, Princess says Ray J asked if they could move to the family to Vegas. She said "no"  because Vegas "is not a place to raise your kids," adding that there are "too many distractions," especially since Ray allegedly likes to gamble.

She then sarcastically told him that he could move to Vegas, but she would not. She would remain in LA. Ray J then got angry about her unwillingness to move and left her for the night. When he returned, they argued again, with him calling her "selfish" saying that she wanted "to wear the pants" and alluded to divorce.

After the fight, she says she checked out of their original hotel and checked into another with their daughter. Since that time, she says Ray J has not called her to either check on their child, or her - despite the fact that she is 8 months pregnant.  She also cannot contact him since he has her blocked.

Watch the full explanation below.