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Prince's Two Top Ladies - Appolonia & Sheila E Are Beefing!! (Details)

Legendary musician Prince died after an accidental overdose on pain killers four years ago. And Apollonia Kortero, one of his closest friends and former protege, recently took to Facebook to celebrate his life.

She also took time out to expose Prince's ex-girlfriend Sheila E...


In an angry message on Facebook, Apollonia accused Shelia E of being an opportunist, and a scammer. She also claims that Prince didn't even speak to her for the last 5 years of his life.

Here's the post:

Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 12.02.34 PM

And it turns out that Apollonia was telling the truth. Prince's longtime saxophone player Adrian Crutchfield confirmed her comments to the NY Post's Page Six, 

“After Prince died, it seems like everything she does is focused around Prince or his legacy and it’s strange because we never saw her at Paisley Park. I never heard Prince say she’s not allowed [there], but there were definitely certain moments of shade if she was mentioned. And management did explain she wasn’t welcomed.”

Another unnamed source also told Page Six,

“He was pissed off because she put information about him in a book without his permission. They got into a huge fight and did not speak for five years. She was not allowed at Paisley Park. He wouldn’t allow her to come to shows. It was a complete shut-out … And now she acts like she’s the widow. ”