A wrongful death lawsuit filed by Prince’s family members has been dismissed.

According to Associated Press, the dismissal could mean that family members have reached settlements with defendants, including the Minnesota doctor, who saw Prince in the weeks before his death.

Prince was treated for an opioid overdose seven days before he died.

Prince died of an accidental fentanyl overdose on April 21, 2016, without leaving a will. No one was criminally charged in his death. Police still not found out who it was that provided the late star with the counterfeit pills, which caused his death.

Prince’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against several defendants in April 2018, charging that they had the duty and opportunity to diagnose and treat Prince’s addiction and prevent his death, but failed to do so.

Claims against Dr. Michael Schulenberg — a doctor who treated Prince in the weeks before his death — were permanently dismissed, along with claims against Schulenberg’s former employer and Walgreens - who filled the prescriptions for him.