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Love & Hip Hop Miami's castmember Prince has been hit with gay rumors ever since joining the VH1 reality show. Initially Prince denied the rumors, and told fans that he's "straight."

But according to some of Prince's friends - the reality star is planning on "coming out" and reveal that he's not just a supporter of the LGBTQ community, he's a card carrying member.

Prince has a lot of gay male friends, which is unusual for a straight man. His best friend on the VH1 show is Bobby, a flamboyant openly gay man.

And another one of Prince's friend's - Malik - came out to Prince while the VH1 cameras were rolling. On the first season of Love & Hip Hop Miami, Malik revealed that he was gay to Prince, who responded, “That’s not a big deal bro, it’s 2017.” 

We all know that having a lot of gay male friends, doesn't make you gay. But one of those gay male friends is telling MTO News that Prince is gay (or bisexual) and that he plans on coming out soon.

Prince's homie told MTO News that the reality star plans on "coming out" at Philadelphia Gay Pride Week.

Here's a flyer for the event he's attending that week:

Prince, the show’s self-professed nightlife guru, works for marketing group Varsity LG. He is often seen in the company of beautiful women during the show. Prince said in the past that the rumors are largely attributed to his voice and the way he presents himself, but claimed that he is not actually gay. “It’s the tone of my voice,” he told “I knew that was going to happen. I knew Black Twitter was going to roast me… It’s a stigma I’ve been dealing with my whole life. I’m not really worried about it.”