Prince Andrew Finally Regrets Not Sympathizing With Jeffrey Epstein's Victims


British royal Prince Andrew reportedly regretted that he did not show any sympathy towards the victims of his billionaire buddy, Jeffrey Epstein -- during his car wreck Newsnight television interview months ago.

During the BBC Newsnight interview, the Prince did not once show any kind of sympathy for Epstein's victims and the interview received such heavy public backlash that he stepped down from public royal life the following day.

A source close to him reportedly told The Sunday Times, "I don't think he regrets the intention behind the interview, which was to clear the air for his family, the Royal Family and the institution. But the fact he was unable to appropriately or sufficiently convey his sympathy for the victims of Epstein, is of course a source of regret."

The Prince has been in a highly public back and forth with the DOJ who said they had requested to interview him several times. Prince Andrew says that he has offered his help three times -- but the DOJ did not respond. The DOJ denied his claims.