'Pretty' Teachers Aide Admitted . . . To Having LESBIAN S*X With Student!!

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A former teachers aide has been charged with s*xually assaulting multiple teenage girls in Pennsylvania. Michele Maynard, 36, of Asylum Township, faces s*xual assault charges. She's also going viral, after being labeled a "pretty" teachers aide.

According to police, Michelle had an ongoing sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student in the district.

The alleged victim, an underaged girl, told her father she was sexually assaulted by Michelle while attending a sleepover at the teacher's house, an affidavit alleges.

Police say Michelle also bought her 14-year-old daughter and the alleged victim beer several times over the summer.

"At first it was extremely alarming to me because she had been my study hall teacher, and I mean, felt really bad for the daughter because I mean, of course, everyone is going to be talking about it," said student Gabrail Maas.

"You would never think that your mom's friend would be doing something like that, especially like, with a student at the school," said student Kylicia Darrow.

Court papers say Michelle admitted she had inappropriately touched and kissed the underaged girl at least three times between June and August.