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Baby Blue Whoa Of Pretty Ricky Accused Of Assaulting Pregnant Woman!!

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A woman who is currently expecting a baby with Pretty Ricky singer, Baby Blue Whoa, has accused him of physically assaulting her.

"It's nothing worst than dealing with a Lying, Deceiving, Womanizing, Bipolar, Narcissist.... who's abusive when they not getting there way yet but sweet when in need of your loving," , the woman, who goes by the name of Red Spice, wrote on Instagram Stories.

"It's well over due that ppl know the truth about 'DBS' my unborn son father imagine being punched in the stomach at five months, picture yourself driving and someone slapping and punching you constantly!" she alleged.

She continued, "He fixed his mouth to tell me to get an abortion at seven months 'to clear the air' no mother should go through this when carrying a blessing but for his own Gain tellin other women he's just finding out about the pregnancy all lies just to keep them around. Being woken up with hands around your neck nearly chocking you to death...but yet screaming single and wants you to be soli to them."