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President Trump’s SIDE PIECE Stormy Daniels Is Stripping AGAIN . . And Umm . . . She Really NEEDS TO RETIRE!!! (PICS)


Pornstar Stormy Daniels, who has been linked to Donald Trump, strips at Solid Gold strip club in Pompano Beach, Florida. Daniels is performing Friday and Saturday night at the all nude club.

The adult actress has been causing Trump a lot of headache. It is now being reported that the $130,000 payment she received from Trump shortly before the 2016 election violated federal law.

NBC reported that Michael Cohen, President Trump’s attorney, had used a Trump Organization email address to arrange the payment to her. Daniels claims the money was paid to keep her from telling the media about a sexual relationship with Trump which both men continue to deny. Cohen is also denying that Trump knew of any payment and that he did it of his own accord using his own funds.

Stormy Daniels has now sued the president, requesting that the court to declare that her nondisclosure agreement before the 2016 election is void because he did not sign it.

The lawsuit states: “Mr. Trump, with the assistance of his attorney, Mr. Cohen, aggressively sought to silence Ms. Clifford as part of an effort to avoid her telling the truth, thus helping to ensure he won the presidential election.”

Stormy Daniels is really causing problems for the president, and we’re sure that Melania is seething behind the scenes.

Check out the pictures from her strip show below. Does she look good? Leave your comments below.