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President Biden Signs Executive Order To Reverse Muslim Ban

United States President Joe Biden signed several executive orders just hours after his inauguration, including reversing the “Muslim ban.”

The Muslim ban prevented people from several Muslim countries from traveling to the US. The ban applied to people from Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, and Venezuela and allowed some people to receive waivers to come to the United States.

He also inked an Order allowing the US to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord and ending the country's withdrawal from the World Health Organization (WHO).


“Some of the executive actions I’m going to be signing today are going to help change the course of the COVID crisis, we’re going to combat climate change in a way that we haven’t done so far and advance racial equity and support other underserved communities,” Biden told reporters.

Biden also signed an order to begin a 100-day mask mandate across the US and appoint a COVID-19 coordinator to manage a national response to the pandemic.