Preschool Worker FIRED . . . For Running A Toddler FIGHT CLUB!!!

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A Columbus Ohio daycare worker is facing nearly two dozen charges after reportedly encouraging children at a daycare to fight on the playground. The woman Chavay Williams, 30, then posted the videos onto social media.

Chavay was charged with 21 counts of child endangering. 

According to police, Chavay worked at a Columbus Daycare and was in charge of 21 children on the playground. Police claim that she used her position to get the children to fight on the playground, and then recorded it. 

Police were notified about the "toddler fight club"when Williams' video was sent to them anonymously. 

Child Services later got involved with the investigation. 

Investigators say Chaday was acting on her own, and when the daycare found out they took "appropriate action." Playtime Preschool says two workers — including Williams — were fired immediately when the incident was discovered. Williams had worked at the preschool for six years. The owner, Elisabeth Lawson, says Williams' mother also worked at Playtime Preschool, but was fired early in the year for unspecified reasons.

Lawson says at that point, Williams behavior changed and became erratic.

Police say Williams was issued a summons to appear in court. Their investigation did not reveal any prior incidents or suspected abuses at the preschool.

Playtime Preschool calls itself "the largest black-owned preschool in Ohio," by square footage. Lawson says 97% of clients live below the poverty line and take advantage of Publicly Funded Child Care (PFCC).

Lawson says all parents were made aware of the incident. Playtime Preschool has not had any parents pull their children out of the preschool, she said.