Pregnant Woman BEATEN . . . Allegedly Has EBT Card Stolen!! (Video)

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A disturbing video is going viral - it shows a pregnant woman being beaten, and allegedly robbed of her EBT card. Thee incident occurred in Washington, DC.

In the video, a pregnant woman goes to another woman's apartment - and accuses the big woman of having stole her EBT card. The big woman immediately attacked the pregnant woman - hitting her in the face with more than 25 punches.

It's not clear whether the big woman indeed stole the pregnant woman's EBT card.

And just when you though the fight was over - it continued. The pregnant woman continually asked for "her card", and at one point spit on the alleged thief.

The alleged thief was infuriated by the spitting, and proceeded to beat the pregnant woman worse.

According to social media accounts, the pregnant woman was taken to the hospital after this fight, for complications with her pregnancy.

Fraudulent use of EBT cards is a federal crime.