PREGNANT Nicki Minaj Steps Out At Lakers Game . . . And She's TRYING To Hide . . . her Baby Bump!! (Close Up Pics)

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A pregnant Nicki Minaj stepped out for the first time in months - to the Lakers game last night.

She looked cute in a very sexy outfit - that NOTICEABLY hid her stomach area.

MTO News broke the report that Nicki's pregnant.

Tomorrow will be the day when Nicki drops two new singles, "Chun Li" and "Barbie Tingz." Is she doing a Cardi B and rolling out the music quickly before she's too far along?

Her fans have been paying very close attention to Nicki's midsection. She's evidently put on quite a bit of weight since we last saw her. She hasn't been snapped out with Nas for a while. The rumors are that they have split, but if he's the daddy - what does that mean for their relationship? Could it be back on?

Loose fitting shirts, large patterns, and wide belts are often used to cover up small bumps - and that's all we've seen Nicki Minaj wearing on her rare outings.

We don't know why she'd try to hide it. Nicki Minaj has already solidified her spot in the industry. Taking a break to be a mom is not going to damage her career.

Take a good look at the pictures below. Baby or nah?