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Pregnant Cardi B Rushed To EMERGENCY Room . . . 'FIGHTING' w/ Love & Hiphop Star!!

Pregnant Cardi B was rushed to the Emergency Room yesterday, MTO News confirmed. According to people close to the female rapper, Cardi nearly went into early labor because she was so stressed out by an argument she had with a girl from Love & HipHop.

Cardi Botched Nose

And the argument wasn't even that serious.

It all started when - during a Hollywood Unlocked interview that hit the internet on Monday (June 28) - Jessica Woo from Love & Hip Hop claimed that someone from the “Bodak Yellow” rapper’s team once said that their goal was to “knock Nicki [Minaj] out.” 

Here's a clip from the interview:

Cardi B immediately took to social media to refute the claim, MTO News learned, in an Instagram comment that same day.

“The lies!!! I hate that I gotta address sh*t that is so irrelevant,” Cardi began. “Jessie Woo is the same person that I got on my dm askin[g] me advice because she sign to my old record label and she felt like my old manager played her. If anybody ever told you that about another woman then why would you go and sign with them as well?"

No matter how stressful my 3 years of litigation when with my old managers was I know he will never say that since he a Queens nikka and the last thing in our head was another woman when we was just trying to make it which we did. And yes I got the dms!”

But Cardi was so stressed out by the drama, MTO News learned, that she was rushed to the hospital with pregnancy complications. Cardi's friend told us, "Cardi almost went into pre-term labor."

Here's Cardi confirming what the friend said: