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On next week's episode of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta, Porsha Williams will be thrown out of Todd's birthday party for fighting - and partygoers say she was drinking wine before the fight.

MTO News spoke with multiple people who claim that pregnant Porsha appeared to be drinking wine before she was accused of initiating a fight at Todd's birthday party.

The Atlanta Housewives aired last night - and showed what happened at Todd's birthday party in August. At the time, Porsha was between 3 and 4 months pregnant.

During the party, Porsha got into a shoving match with a woman named Jami Ziegler. Security saw what happened, and they quickly broke up the scuffle - and had Porsha removed from the party.

Well, it turns out that Porsha was drinking what looked like wine at the party, immediately before the incident. And some believe that if it was wine, it may have affected Porsha's behavior -and made her more aggressive towards Jami. 

It's not clear how much wine, if any, she drank, before Porsha WENT OFF on the lady.

Here are pics of Porsha allegedly drinking the "wine" at the party:


Here are some more pics from the event: