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PREDATOR Caught Having S*X With 11 Year Old Girl . . . In Her HOUSE!!! (He Says She Consented)


A 26 year old Atlanta man is currently locked up, for allegedly having s*x with an 11 year old girl. The man is claiming a defense of "consent". According to him, he believes the child could "consent" to having sex with him. He also claims that he was "tricked," and that the child lied about her age - saying she was 16 instead of 11.

Allen Harris met the 11 year old at a park. According to police, the two talked - but nothing popped off. Prosecutors say that Allen then went home and searched for days until he found her on social media, and began messaging her.

They continued to chat on social media for about a month, according to prosecutors and engaged in "dirty talk." Eventually, the pervert made his move.

The two talked in her bedroom. He began to kiss her. He bit her neck. He then allegedly performed sexual acts to her. He left the house at 4 a.m.

A week later, the victim's mother said she found sexually graphic messages from Harris on her daughter's tablet. She took her daughter to the Chattahoochee Hills Police Department, where she showed investigators the graphic messages.

In one of the message, sent after their bedroom encounter, Harris allegedly wrote, "You had fun? Guess it was meant for me to run into you again."

Allen is currently facing charges that could land him in jail for 20 years.