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Man Puts His FOREARM On Hot Stove . . . To Get More SOCIAL MEDIA LIKES!!! (SMH . . . White People)


Nowadays getting internet fame is more important to some than their health and safety.

A popular Youtuber decided to do THE MOST for likes. He posted himself putting his arm on a hot stove. Any normal human being would yank their arm upon the slightest touch.

The video shows the guy deliberately burning his forearm by placing it on a hot stove element. There must have been trillions of extreme pain signals bombarding his brain, but he held the arm there for a bit before nonetheless removing it.

This is a part of the new 2018 challenge which is being called the “Hot Coil Challenge.”

The Hot Coil Challenge involves a person turning on his or her electric stove and then placing his or her hand or arm on the hot coil. The goal is to see how long you can hold it onto the stove - which is about as stupid as last year's "Tide Pod Challenge."

The cameraman is a total dummy too. He eggs the Youtuber on and after he's fried his forearm, praises his stupidity. We hope it doesn't get infected.

What we really hope is that nobody else is stupid enough to take up this challenge.