Omari Hardwick and his wife Jennifer Pfautch (Jae) are planning on renewing their vows, MTO News has learned. 

The couple was married in 2012 before Omari became a household name. At the time, they were both struggling actors - but it was Jae who was holding him down and paying the bills. 

Now Omari is one of the hottest Black actors in Hollywood, and he can afford to give his wife a nicer wedding. Omari and Jae were blessed with two children, both will participate in the renewal ceremony.

Jae has been in the news a lot lately. People calling themselves "fans" of her husband, have been blasting the mother of two - calling her ugly. Other Omari "fans" are upset that he's married a White woman.

Last month, Omari had enough. He went on The Breakfast Club to defend his wife against the mean-spirited comments.

Here are pics of Omari and Jae at a red carpet gala last night in NYC: