'Pose' star Janet Mock has made history after she became the first ever Black transgender woman to sign a multi-million-dollar deal with Netflix, and the first to ink an overall deal with a major studio.

"This deal is so bonkers," Mock said in a video shared by Netflix. "I, of course, will be writing and directing and develop a few hush-hush projects that I can't really talk about, but one of them is a half-hour drama and another is a college series, so I'm really excited for that."

Mock reveals that she is currently working on a half-hour drama as well as a college series for the streaming giants.

"You know, 84 percent of Americans say that they don't know and/or work with a trans person. And so, there's potential now with Netflix's worldwide audience to introduce millions, hundreds of millions of viewers, to trans people and showing people who may not understand us that we can tell our own stories."