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Indya Moore, one of the star's of 'Pose' has claimed that she was a victim of sex trafficking.

Speaking to Elle Magazine, the transgender model opened up about her experiences:

“I didn’t understand what sex trafficking was at the time,” she said. “The language I knew was that they were, basically, my pimps,” she added. “I was just a kid.”

Moore claims that she turned to the internet at 16 to find hormones online and was then connected with people on Facebook who “could help me to get the money that I needed to be a woman.”

“They told me that all I had to do was play with these men who will come in for a moment to see me and play with me and then they’ll give me money,” she explained. “I stayed with them, and they had men come over and have sex with me.”

“They told me I needed to do it continuously so that I could afford hormones,” she told the magazine.