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The new season of Atlanta Housewives was supposed to begin filming this week - but it's been postponed - after the show was unable to come to terms with one of the housewives Porsha Williams.

Porsha, who has been an Atlanta Housewife since the shows fifth season in 2012, is now playing hardball in negotiating a new contract with the network.

Porsha was up for a new contract this season, and a raise. And she's asking for a HUGE raise. Last season Porsha made $31,500 per episode, or $630K for the season. Now she's looking to more than double her salary to $75,000 an episode or $1.5M for the season.

And a person connected with the show told us that he believes that Porsha's new fiancé Dennis is causing all the mischief. The insider explained, "Porsha is being very aggressive with her demands, that's coming from [Dennis]."

Right now it's not clear what the future holds for Porsha and the Atlanta Housewives.

We know that Porsha had scheduled a "sip & see" for her daughter Pilar for this week, and the Bravo cameras were set to film it. But Porsha announced that she's postponing Pilar's "sip & see" indefinitely.

We asked the Bravo exec if they thought there's a chance that Porsha may not be around next season. The exec explained, "No [Bravo] will pay her. It's coming out of someone else's salary though."