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The new season of the Atlanta Housewives will feature the ‘split’ of Housewife Porsha Williams' split and her fiancé Dennis McKinley. The split will play out in front of Bravo's cameras.

But what is it that caused the two to separate?

Last month all types of salacious rumors popped up online - about alleged infidelity. But It wasn’t infidelity that broke them up- it was money.

MTO News confirmed that Dennis called the wedding off, after Porsha refused to sign a prenuptial agreement.

According to a top source, Dennis is worth tens of millions of dollars, and he wanted to protect his assets - in the event of divorce.

The insider explained, “ Dennis wanted a prenup, and he was willing to be generous to Porsha in it. She refused and that caused conflict.”

The insider continued, “Porsha is using a breakup to put pressure on Dennis to drop the prenup. She basically told him that she would still marry him, if he gives up on the prenup.”

So far Dennis is holding strong, and not giving in to Porsha’s demands. We’ll see how long he can keep it up though . . .

According to HollywoodLife, "Production was notified that they suddenly needed to film a few days ago for Porsha and it was having to do with her issues with Dennis," the source explained. "Dennis isn't really fighting for her, either. Her family hasn't been the biggest fan of Dennis, but they've been supporting Porsha as she really wanted to make this work."

Dennis' motives were questioned right from the very beginning by viewers as well as some of the ladies on the show - especially Kandi. Kandi tried to warn Porsha that Dennis had dated around quite a bit and had several ladies' names tattooed onto his body, but Porsha was uninterested.

“Those close to Porsha know how badly she wanted a baby and questioned how quickly she rushed into this, but she did fall in love, they just wanted to see her take her time,” the source added.