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'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star Porsha Williams has slammed co-star Nene Leakes as a liar after she claimed that audio of Porsha saying "I’m scared, get me out of here" as Nene physically drag her out of her walk-in wardrobe was recorded after the incident and edited in.

 “On the show when she said ‘I’m scared, get me out of here,’ she filmed that in the studio and did a voice over and they put it in the show. So they got her to say ‘I’m scared get me out of here,’ she said that in an interview in the studio and they actually inserted it in the show,” NeNe said in a clip of her new YouTube series 'Life of NeNE!'

But after the Shaderoom posted the clip, Porsha stepped into the comments section and called Nene a liar.

“NeNe Leakes you are a bald edges lie! Nothing was taped and added. I said that the exact same moment you were assaulting people on camera. Just the same way Marlo yelled ‘She’s pregnant.’ Now back to breastfeeding I go,” she wrote in the comments section.

Watch the incident below:

Do y'all think Porsha recorded the audio in a studio after filming or is Nene reaching?