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Dennis McKinley, the baby daddy, and off-on again partner of Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams revealed that he was handcuffed after being accused of stealing a $4 sandwich!!

"Yesterday I was accosted by a super aggressive Emory police officer #BethWalsh badge #215 who racially profiled me and falsely accused me of stealing a $4 sandwich. I had a receipt which could have easily ended her inquiry," he wrote.

He continued:

"There was a cashier that could have easily verified that I paid for everything I had. There were a number of easy resolutions that could have deescalated the unnecessary racial profiling and my detention by this officer. Instead, this Emory police officer chose to abuse her power."

Dennis also shared screenshots of what appeared to be welts on his arm from where the officer had placed the handcuffs.

The Emory University Police Department released a statement Radar Online regarding the incident, "An Emory Police Department officer detained an individual suspected of not paying for an item. Once the officer learned the individual had purchased it, he was released."