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Porsha from the Atlanta Housewives is paying her fiancé Dennis half her salary. Dennis convinced the beautiful housewife to give half her salary to him as an "investment." 

According to one of the Atlanta housewives close friends, Porsha gives half her salary to her new fiancé Dennis McKinley who is "investing" the money for her. Porsha's friend explained, "Dennis is supposedly investing Porsha's money for their future. He says he puts the money in businesses. I don't know much about what he's doing"

And Porsha's friend isn't the only one who doesn't know much about Dennis and his business ventures. Recently, the Atlanta Journal did a background check on him, to see if they could understand where Dennis gets his money.

Here's what they found:

 The public portion of his Facebook page says he is from Detroit, lives in Atlanta, studied business administration at Oakland University, studied economics at the University of Michigan and is a clerk at Queen Virgin Remy, a hair extension site.It also says he works at a place called MCK<3, which has a blank Facebook page and no evidence of any actual existence off Google.

He calls himself a “serial entrepreneur” on his Instagram page.

We really hope that Porsha knows what she's doing. Here's a recent pic of her fiancé Dennis

Dennis McKinley FB