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Porsha From The Atlanta Housewives Is Officially Dating Ricky Smiley!!! (Tea)


MTO News has confirmed that Porsha from the Atlanta Housewives and Ricky Smiley are officially dating.

Porsha started working with Ricky on a radio and TV program a few years ago. And ever since they started working together, you could Feel the sexual tension between them.

And Ricky's been pretty open that he's interested in dating Porsha. He went on Andy Cohen's WWHL and basically said that he's interested in her.

Well MTO News learned that the two went on a few dates earlier in the year . . . and now they're in a full blown relationship.

One of Porsha's friend told MTO News, "They're in a relationship. I'm talking LOVE and all that. Ricky even agreed to go on camera as her boyfriend on the new season of Housewives."

They make a really cute couple:


Earlier this year BravoTV reported that:

Though Porsha similarly sung Rickey's praises when The Daily Dish caught up with her in February, she also asked fans to pump the brakes when it comes to shipping these co-workers. "With Rickey, I want people to slow down. Chemistry like this that happens in these type of situations, he doesn't work somewhere else. We work together. So it's not easy to make that decision to cross that line," she explained. "I've heard that he thinks that I would be a great wife. I think that he'd be a great husband. He's an excellent father. So as far as having kids and wanting to pick the right dad, he would be the one. But I think that we're just friends, overall.

Well now all that has CHANGED. What do you think are you happy for Porsha, or do you think she could do better?