Porsha From Atlanta Housewives Is PREGNANT . . . Exclusive DETAILS . . . And PICS!!

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MTO News has confirmed that Porsha Williams from the Atlanta Housewives is pregnant. Porsha informed the production team yesterday of her situation, and asked that producers write her pregnancy into her storyline.

A TOP housewives producer spilled the tea to MTO News - and even the other HOUSEWIVES DON'T KNOW YET. The producer told MTO News, "I don't know if Porsha's family even knows - she wants it to be a surprise."

Well everyone is going to be VERY surprised by Porsha's choice to become a single mom. We're told that Porsha and her boyfriend Dennis McKinley have no immediate plans to marry.

Last night the Atlanta Housewives filmed a pajama party for the show. All the ladies drank wine - but Porsha drank LEMONADE. Oh, and despite being just a few months pregnant - she appears to already be showing a little. Look at the pic from yesterday's party.


We reported recently that lately Porsha has had a revolving door of men. It was reported and rumored that back in June Posha and her DISHH nation cohost Rickey Smiley had become official, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Then a few weeks after that, Porsha was revelead to be dating weave entrepreneur Derrick McKinley. McKinley is a MULTI MILLIONAIRE. Dennis made his fortune when he started he WEAVE company Queen Virgin Remy. The hair sold all over the south, and Dennis and his partners made millions.

Congrats to Porsha though on her upcoming bundle of joy, everyone knows she's been trying to make this happen for YEARS.