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Porsha Announces PREGNANCY . . . At Eva's BRIDAL SHOWER!! (All Housewives Drama)


Porsha Williams has CONFIRMED that she's pregnant, and she made the announcement at new housewife Eva Marcelle's bridal shower.

The housewives filmed Eva's bridal shower in Atlanta this weekend, and it was a classy and elegant event. Housewives Porsha, Shamea, Nene and Marlo all attended. But the event was filled with folks trying to UPSTAGE the bride.

First of all, Marlo showed up, wearing a BOUQUET on her head, and looking ridiculous. But despite her over the top outfit, Marlo was otherwise very subdued in her behavior.

The person that was MOST out of line was Porsha. She ANNOUNCED her pregnancy at Eva's shower. The insider told MTO News, "Porsha made the announcement and all the air left the room for Eva." The insider continued, "Everyone surrounded Porsha and started congratulating her. It was almost like Eva got ignored at her own shower."

And yes, the Bravo cameras were there to film it all.

Eva and Porsha are co-stars on the TV show Dish Nation. And word is that there is some competitive drama going on between them.

Here's video showing Porsha CLEARLY pregnant. All the pictures from the event were photoshopped to hide Porsha's belly.

MTO News exclusively broke the news of Porsha's pregnancy over a month ago. . . We're told that Porsha and her boyfriend Dennis McKinley have no immediate plans to marry.

A few weeks ago the Atlanta Housewives filmed a pajama party for the show. All the ladies drank wine - but Porsha drank LEMONADE. Oh, and despite being just a few months pregnant - she appears to already be showing a little. She's now well past that period.