The popular travel blogger Miko Worldwide has been arrested and is being charged with multiple counts of molesting little boys, MTO News has confirmed.

Miko was arrested in Columbia, after US authorities tipped off the Columbian government as to his crimes. According to US authorities, Miko was charged with molesting two boys in Georgia, but fled the country.

While on the run, Miko decided to travel through Latin America - and make Youtube videos. His videos were extremely popular - with some having over 500,000 views. 

Police suspect while Miko was traveling the world, he may also have been allegedly molesting children in the impoverished countries he visited.

Here are some of Miko Worldwide's videos:

Here's how the local Columbian press is reporting the arrest:

According to the Colombian Prosecutor's Office, the American "supplied narcotics to a 10-year-old minor, sexually abused him, and left him tied to his feet and arms in the trunk of a car."

Colombian authorities also point out that the American left that country and toured various countries in the world as a Youtuber where he made videos on "charitable works."

"On his social media channel, known as 'Miko Worldwide', he had just over 30 thousand subscribers. Different international authorities are investigating whether the current activity was a front to contact children and adolescents for sexual purposes," added the Prosecutor's Office.

Here's a video of Miko getting arrested in Columbia:

And here's his wanted poster:

wanted 5-31.png