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Popular Youtube Chef DROPS DEAD While Filming Live Cooking Show!!

A popular Youtube chef dropped dead, in the middle of live-streaming her popular show, MTO News has learned. The beautiful chef - who went by the name Ms. Pimporn, was doing what she loved best - cooking - when the grim reaper came knocking.


Ms. Pimporn, from Bangkok, Thailand, was a popular cooking teacher across Asia. Many of the cooking videos she shared across social media, got millions of views.

But her last video may end up getting one billion views. In it, MTO News confirmed, Ms Pimporn, who had an enlarged heart, had a massive heart attack during her show and literally dropped dead in the middle of her livestream.


In a two-minute video circulating on the internet, Ms Pimporn begins her tutorial by cooking some food and boiling water. 

At the beginning of the video, Ms. Pimporn does not exhibit any strange behavior at all. The influencer looks enthusiastic about cooking and actively talks and laughs in front of the camera.

After about a minute, Mrs. Pimporn, who was stirring the spices suddenly fell silent for a few seconds then passed out. 

The official cause of death is a myocardial infarction, or a heart attack.