BREAKING: Popular TRUMP SUPPORTING Rapper . . . About To Get EXPOSED . . . For BEATING His Ex-Girlfriend!!

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MTO News just learned that a very popular TRUMP SUPPORTING rapper is about to get his just deserts. You see one of his ex-girlfriends is calling around news agencies - hoping to speak out about alleged physical abuse.

A representative for the woman is looking for a MONETARY FEE in exchange for a full interview. She claims to have emails and text messages that corroborate her account of everything.

MTO New has declined the offer, but we suspect that her story should be out by next week.

And the story is CRAZY. MTO News learned that the woman suffered VISIBLE bruises - for which she has pictures.

Can't wait to see if Trump can SAVE THIS RAPPER from the allegations.

Trump has been getting a lot of SUPPORT from rappers, first Kanye, then Chance The Rapper tweeted that "black people don't have to be democrats," Trump then tweeted thanking Kanye and Chance.

After word got back to Chance that Trump was thanking him, he spiraled and released an apology to his fans because he realized how bad it was for his image.