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Popular Transgender Jessica Alves Removes 6 Ribs Now Has 15" Waist! (Graphic Pics)

Popular transgender Jessica Alves has reportedly undergone thousands of cosmetic procedures. But her latest procedure may have been her most extreme.

MTO News has been hearing reports that Jessica recently had 6 of her ribs removed, and now has a 15 inch waist. That's extremely tiny - especially for a person that was born a male.

Rib removal surgery is to remove one or more ribs and rib resection is the removal of part of a rib. The procedures are done for various medical reasons, and sometimes for cosmetic reasons also - as a form of body modification.

Here's what she looks like now:


But she didn't always look like this. Jessica used to be a dude named Rodrigo. He loved plastic surgery then too. In addition to having his face done up like a plastic doll, he also had fake abs.