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MTO News just got wind of a blockbuster story that's scheduled to break any day now.

According to multiple sources, the African boyfriend of a popular reality star is hiding the fact that he's got a wife back in Africa.

The reality star lady has been parading around everywhere with her bae all over with her. And she has no idea that her man is hiding a WHOLE WIFE on her.

But the sh*t is about to hit the fan too. MTO News spoke with one of the reality star's family members - who tells us that they just found out about the African boyfriend is hiding a secret life.

And the reality star's family members are planning on confronting her about her African bae very soon!!

So what could the African boyfriend be up to? Well according to one person, they believe that he is trying to get the reality star to marry him also - and be his second wife.

You see, in the part of Africa where he's from, polygamous marriages are recognized.