Popular Rapper TEKASHI 6IX9INE Is Caught . . . Stealing A Rapper's BARS . . . In New Song!! (Listen)

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Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine is now coming under fire - for STEALING bars for his new song.

Tekashi played his song for fans on Instagram yesterday, and almost immediately - people started pointing out that Tekashi had STOLEN some of the bars.

The song appears to take more than a dozen bars from a Freestyle battle - that can be found on Youtube.

Listen to the two.

Some critics of Tekashi are saying that this isn't the first time they caught him stealing his lyrics from unknown rappers.

In other news, it seems like Tekashi may be going away for a while. HotNewHipHop reported, "Hours after putting an end to his so-called beef with Trippie Redd, scorching hot NYC rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine hopped on Instagram to ask fans if he should take a break from releasing music for a little while? Tekashi said he’s been putting out too much fire lately that it doesn’t allow each song to "sizzle" or reach full potential."

Tekashi said recently:

“SHOULD I TAKE BREAK? Like have I been putting out to much fire and NOT letting my songs sizzle. Did you ever notice I don’t push a single other then the day it releases and I just move on to the next song...... like look at my numbers they are over the top BUT I feel like I’m doing to much ... this is literally how I feel guys.. wanted to share,” he captioned and asked followers.

What do you think? Do you want Tekashi to go away for a while?