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Popular Rapper Is NOT The Father . . . Of Reality Star's Baby . . . And WE GOT THE TEA!!


MTO News just gt wind of a real JUICY bit of tea. A popular rapper who you THINK is the father of a reality starlet's baby . . . really ISN'T THE DAD.

Here's the tea, from a reliable snitch:

[Rapper] is not the father. He was super upset to find out because he was already connected to the baby. [Rapper's other baby mama] doesn't bring up the situation because it's bad PR to go at child with health issues and because [Rapper] specifically asked her not to.

[Rapper's other baby mama] has said some cryptic things insinuating it on her IG though.

Rapper gave [Reality star] some money to help with the child right after he found out but he pretty much cut her off after that.

There's more tea. They say that the REALITY STARLET is mentally deficient - like EXTREMELY low IQ. So low that she may end up losing custody of the child - especially given all the antics she;s been pulling lately.