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Popular RAPPER Comes Out PUBLICLY . . . Admits That It Was HIM . . . In The Blac Chyna S*XTAPE!!! (Details)

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When the Blac Chyna s*xtape leaked earlier this week – people assumed that the man in the picture was her EX-BF Meechie – not true.

A rapper has now come forward t admit – it was HIS THING . . . that was choking Blac Chyna on the tape.

It’s Playboi Carti.

Back in November, rumors surfaced about the pair dating after they were spotted together in L.A. at Complexcon. A video also appeared online of the couple riding around with Blac Chyna wearing his Playboy bunny chain via Chyna's Snapchat.

2017 was a rough year for both of them. Between Blac Chyna's very messy breakup with Rob Kardashian and her subsequent lawsuits and Playboi Carti being arrested earlier that year after he was accused of domestic abuse by his now ex, they both sought comfort in each other's arms - but we couldn't see this union lasting too long. They both appear to have anger issues.

Playboi Carti appears to have moved on from Blac Chyna. He recently posted a pic of a swimsuit-clad Rihanna onto his Snapchat story. He can keep dreaming... RiRi would never stoop so low.

According to Playboi's ex-girlfriend, he was just using Blac Chyna to stay relevant. She may be right. If Blac Chyna didn't record the video, it could only have been her partner in crime... and what a way to stay relevant!

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