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A popular rapper just came out of the closet  - so to speak. The Atlanta hip hop artist, Jah Diah, is publicly admitting that he's dating a transgender named "Frank."

Jah Diah, is a buzzing ATL artist that has been blowing up on social media lately. 

Here's Jah Diah:

But this isn't the first time that he has come out the closet. You see, Jah used to be a "gay man." In fact, when he first blew up on social media - he was as a gay rapper. 

This was Jah just 3 years ago:

But last year, Jah surprised his fans, by telling them that he "was no longer gay." The hip hop artist re-started his career, this time as a straight male rapper.

Well now Jah's back in the news - over his new relationship.

And many are saying that with his new relationship, Jah Diah may be trying to have his cake and eat it too. His new girlfriend "Franky" is an open transgender.

Here are the two looking like a happy couple:

And here are more pics and videos of Franky: