POPULAR Atlanta Rapper Is MURDERED . . . After Making A DISS TRACK . . . And Posting It On FACEBOOK!!! (See The VIDEO . . . That Cost Dude HIS LIFE)


Georgia rapper Shay Baby was murdered on Monday, and his killer is now in jail.

MediaTakeOut.com learned that 29-year-old Rashay Garrison, who went by the rapper name Shay Baby, made the "diss" video below - about the alleged robbery of 29-year-old Ishmael Davis. Less than a week later, police have arrested Ishmael for murdering Shay Baby.

Yesterday Gainesville police investigators arrested 28-year-old Ishmael Daniels and charged him with one count of murder, one count of attempted murder and one count of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

A witness in the car with Shay Baby the night of the murder told detectives that Ishmael was offended by a rap video recently posted to the Internet by Shay Baby. Ishmael drove next to Shay Baby’s vehicle, told the passenger to move back and produced a rifle of some sort and began firing into Shay Baby’s vehicle, striking Shay Baby multiple times, resulting in his death.

This is a very SAD story - of two lives destroyed. Below is the video that caused it all.