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A prominent Memphis rapper was caught getting oral s*x from a man - and now he is claiming that he's "not gay."

Kash Money, real name Kavious McNeil, started trending yesterday when a video was leaked online, and fans said the video showed Kavious having relations with a man.

Shortly after the video started trending, Kash Money went on Facebook Live yesterday after a video surfaced online which his fans claimed was him getting oral  s*x from a man.

In the Facebook video, Kash Money appears to admit to receiving oral s*x from a man - and then he starts making excuses.


“Why everybody so worried about Kavious?” he says in the clip. “Y’all worried about the wrong mothaf**kin thang, I’m still gone be Kavious, you hear me?”

He continued: “This sh*t don’t stop here. If I did that sh*t once, guess what? I’ll do it again, you hear me? I don’t give a f**k about what nobody talking about."

There's more. Here's how the website Gossip On This is reporting:

Talking to the women leaving comments on his live video, he said: “Leave me alone, I might have one of [your] n**gas on his knees too, hoe! Everybody worried about me, you need to be worried about what your brothers and cousins out here doing, because this sh*t don’t stop here hoe!”

Kavious McNeil went on to say that there’s no way he can be “exposed” for messing around with guys because his girlfriend and baby mamas already know how he gets down.

“I’m still gonna do be. I’m still gonna pop my sh*t,” he said. “My b*tch ain’t going nowhere. A mothaf**ka can’t tell my b*tch nothing that I ain’t already told her, you hear me? Because I been put my b*tch on game, I been put my baby mama and them on game about this sh*t. F**k you talking about?”

Here's a video of Kash Money's music - his song is called "Trending", and he definitely is: