Popular Jamaican social star Ivany Wright was shot three times last night, MTO News has confirmed.

Ivany, who goes by the name 'Ivany Most Wanted' on Instagram, was shopping at Mega Mart Waterloo, a very popular chain of grocery stores in Jamaica. 

According to eyewitnesses, three men in a car pulled up on her and started firing shots.

"She had been on her IG live feed before she left her home and she was walking along Waterloo Road when a car drove up and shots were fired. One hit her in her hand, one flew through her buttocks... she got multiple shots," a source told a local Jamaican publication.

Luckily for Ivany, it appears that she will survive the shooting.

This should be a wakeup call for Ivany, who is known for outrageous behavior - both on and off social media. Ivany has been in public spats with several entertainers and has earned a reputation for her funny yet outrageous behavior on social media.

Most recently, Ivany began talking openly on Instagram about alleged sexual relationships she's had with different women and men popular in the world of Dancehall. Afterward, Ivany would post pics on her story of her alleged famous lovers - without their permission.

Last month her father said he "already bought her coffin" and told her fans that he believes that she'll one day be murdered.

Here is Ivany behaving crazy: